About this site

Will you try and understand your actions, or blindly throw attempts at a problem? Constructively criticizing ourselves into becoming careful builders and masters of our craft is key.

About this site
Photo by Tudor Baciu / Unsplash
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Neale Donald Walsch

Like everything in life, thorough understanding of engineering concepts requires getting out of your comfort zone and digging into details. Is that line of code you just entered totally clear in what it does and is it able to withstand any critic? Is the database query you're writing minimal and optimized? Are your changes introducing techical debt? Do you know how your code/service interacts with other parties in the setup, like the operating system, database or an external API?

This blog will try and digest some complicated concepts found in software engineering, databases and system administration that you may or may not come across in your work. The gist of it, though, will be applicable to any kind of engineering, practical work, skill or learning process.

Being usefully critical about our actions, as well as thorough and thoughtful are virtues that return compounded value.

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